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Mattel Legends to Life - Don Prudhomme

Description: One of the Mattel Hot Wheels 1998 limited edition Legends to Life series. There were three different cars released in 1/24 scale with battery powered simulated action and sound incorporated. The Don Prudhomme funny car was the most animated of the three. This car is in mint condition (never been used) with the moving parts still taped. The case has some slight surface scratches that can be buffed out. Link to video of one of the cars in action. http://www.owaks.com/video_crrmpcfmm_vdo-hot-wheels-1998-release-legends-to-life-snake-funny-car-action.html"

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Seller: topfuel
Price: $400.00
Shipping: $15.00
Location: Grants Pass, OR
Date Listed: 04/24/2009