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Seller: GLT555
Member Since: March 24, 2010
Verified: yes
Sales: 859
Purchases: 106
Total Transactions: 965
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Hot Wheels 68-77, Redlines, Sets, Accessories and Aparrel (1)
Hot Wheels 78-Present, Blister Packs Series Cars 1996-Present (14)
Hot Wheels 78-Present, Limited Edition/Promotional (4)
Hot Wheels 78-Present, Blister Packs 1988-1995 (1)
Matchbox, Other Matchbox Cars 1970-1992 (1)
Matchbox, Matchbox Cars 1992-Present (10)
NASCAR, Action/Revell (1)
Johnny Lightning, Topper (1)
Johnny Lightning, Promotional and Exclusives (5)
Johnny Lightning, American Series (1)
Johnny Lightning, Classic Series (6)
Johnny Lightning, Muscle Series (3)
Johnny Lightning, Other Series (30)
Other Diecast Vehicles, M2 Machines (5)
Want-Trade Ads, (3)