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Rare 1970s Matchbox Lesney Store Wooden Display Case with 18 Vehicles

Description: Rare early 1970s Matchbox Lesney Store Wooden Display Case includes 18 Vintage Matchbox Vehicles. Holds 81 in Matchbox vehicles in the front plus many more storage in 9 rear compartments behind sliding rear doors. Display dimensions are: 32 inches Width x 22 inches Height, 9 inches Depth. Weight approximately 30 pounds. I purchased this vintage display case from a toy store going out of business in the early 1970s in Woodside Queens, New York City. The Condition of Wooden Case is not perfect (please see photos). The clear plastic front dust cover has some scratches but looks great when filled with toy cars. Over the years I added several Mattel Hot Wheels and Topper Johnny Lightning Stickers to the removable plastic dust cover front. Original Matchbox Sticker on the inner white housing is a little frayed along the edges (see photos). The case has a sliding clear plastic dust cover front displaying the numbers 1-75 with an additional 6 open slots for a total of 81 vehicles for display. The only missing part of the display is a quarter inch plastic L-shaped leading edge that was originall attached to the top of the removable front plastic dust cover but cracked and was thrown away. In the rear storage are 9 separated storage sections with the top left partition shelf section is not in its plastic guide (see photo # 10). Includes 12 Matchbox Lesney Vehicles plus 6 Matchbox Superfast Vehicles in various conditions plus 3 Superfast Boxes. Will be carefully packed and will be a very heavy parcel.

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Seller: danster77
Price: $750.00
Shipping: $50.00
Location: Shalimar, FL
Date Listed: 08/26/2012
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