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Looking for some 2013 Zamacs

Description: List has been updated. I need the following Zamacs to catch up to this years set. #06 Nissan Skyline GT_R (R34)(I need 3). #2 Classic Nomad, (Need 1). I also could use 2 or 3 xtra Mazda RX-7 Regular Hunts. I would be willing to trade a 2013 07 Ford Mustang Super Hunt, or 2013 Super Toyota Gt for the 4 Zamacs listed an 2 regular Mazda hunts?? Lmk if you can help Russ54 Rusty_Adams@comcast.net

Seller Accepts: PayPal

Payment/Shipping Policy:

Seller: rgeezer50
Date Listed: 10/11/2013
Will Ship to: