1:50 scale diecast toys

1:50 scale diecast toys are a popular scale in diecast collecting, particularly for recreating construction and military vehicles. Ertl and other smaller manufacturers produce many different kinds of 1:50 scale diecast toys, and many of these items are listed on the Toy Peddler every day.

If you're interested in 1:50 scale diecast toys, we'd invite you to browse the items for sale at the Toy Peddler, new items are listed every day. You can buy and sell easily, and you'll find a wide variety of collectible diecast toys in our list of available items.

Try a quick keyword search for "1:50 scale" to see what's currently available:

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You'll also find classic redlines, newer Hot Wheels cars, and collectible diecast cars from a variety of other lines in addition to 1:50 scale diecast toys.

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