2005 hotwheels

The 2005 Hotwheels cars are available now, and continue the exciting progression and growth of Hot Wheels. From Realistix to Drop Tops, the 2005 Hot Wheels Classics, 2005 First Edition and Regular Edition Vehicle and Variations include something for every Hotwheels collector. Many of these items are available at the Toy Peddler right now.

If you're looking for 2005 Hotwheels, these cars are listed every day at the Toy Peddler. Finding them is as easy as entering "2005" in the keyword search and clicking "Go". You'll be able to see what's available, and with new Hot Wheels being added every day, you're sure to find something new every time you come back to the Toy Peddler.

Try the link below to run that search now, and see what's for sale:

Search for 2005 hotwheels

You'll also find classic redlines, newer Hot Wheels cars, and collectible diecast cars from every other line.

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