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If you're looking for old Hot Wheels, going back to their beginnings in the late 60's, you've come to the right place. The Toy Peddler was built by serious Hot Wheels collectors interested in redlines and other vintage Hot Wheels. Buy and sell your cars and other collectibles, at very low fees, and with a dedicated group of collectors interested in continuing their passion for Hot Wheels.

Those passionate collectors keep our item pages filled with Hot Wheels cars from all eras, old and new, and we'd invite you to explore the site and see what's available. If you're looking to sell your old Hot Wheels cars, the Toy Peddler is a great choice, and our fees are some of the lowest you'll find online.

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You'll find classic redlines, new and old Hot Wheels cars, and collectible diecast cars from a variety of other diecast lines.

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