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The Toy Peddler Feedback System

Summary Info
  • Sellers will have the option to leave feedback 2 days after the sale ends.
  • Buyers will have the option to leave feedback 3 days after the sale ends.
  • Before that time has elapsed, there will be no link to leave feedback.
  • Once that time has elapsed, when you login and click "Your Account", there will be a link on your account page indicating that you need to leave feedback. Click that to enter your rating.

We've created this overview of the new feedback system to provide a quick introduction to how the system works, and hopefully to address any questions or concerns you might have about how feedback will be implemented and used on the site.

In building out a feedback system, we knew it was vitally important to listen to those who'd be using the system as we developed it. We spoke with numerous Toy Peddler members to find out what they thought worked best in delivering feedback to people they've bought and sold from, and we've tried to work out a system that matches up with those recommendations.

Without further ado, here are the nuts and bolts of the system:

What are the ratings?

One of the most prevalent suggestions we received was "Keep It Simple (Stupid)"! That generally meant limit the ratings to a three point scale that's easy to interpret. So that's what we did, with the ratings going from Great to Poor, and here's our interpretation of what the ratings mean:

  • Great () - a "Great" rating means that the transaction went off without a problem. If you're the seller, payment was sent within our specified timeframe, communication was a snap; if you're a buyer, the seller was communicative, the item was sent within our specified timeframe, and the item you received was in good condition and matched the description.
  • Acceptable () - an "Acceptable" rating means that the transaction was completed, but there were issues that came up that kept it from being a "Great" transaction. Maybe the buyer or seller wasn't very good about responding to emails, or it took prompting to receive payment or get a shipment status; essentially the sale went through, with the seller receiving payment and the buyer receiving the goods, but you wouldn't classify it as a great experience.
  • Poor () - a "Poor" rating means that the transaction was a failure. If you're a seller, this should be reserved for those situations where a buyer purchased an item and didn't pay, or took other actions to prevent completing the sale. If you're a buyer, this rating should be reserved for situations where shipments don't show up, sellers completely disregard emails, or similar issues that either prevent the sale from being completed or result in a definitively poor experience.

How about comments?

Another piece of 'feedback' we received about feedback was that a lot of times they'd like to be able to avoid comments. We know that comments can be useful at times, but we didn't think they needed to be mandatory if someone was leaving a great feedback rating - that pretty much says it all.

So if you leave someone a "Great" rating, you're welcome to enter a few comments about your transaction, but it is optional.

However, if you leave an "Acceptable" or "Poor" rating for someone, given the nature and effect of those ratings, we do require comments there. As we thought through it, it didn't seem fair to allow someone to leave a rating that can effect your reputation without qualifying that in some way.

Can I leave feedback immediately

If you've been buying or selling on the site for long enough, you've probably had it happen to you - let's say you're a seller, and you have an item that sells to a buyer who hasn't paid after several days and a couple of emails, only to have the buyer get back to you with an apologetic email and a payment receipt that explains the whole situation. Our point is that everyone should have a reasonable amount of time to complete their obligations on the site, and in the interest of giving people the benefit of the doubt we have put some time limits on when the feedback option becomes available.

If you've read the policies in the Help pages, you'll know that all members on the site agree to a) submit or send payment for a sale within 3 business days of purchasing an item if you're the buyer, and b) ship an item to the buyer within 3 business days of receiving payment if you're the seller.

Given those requirements, and the fact that many buyers pay by check or money order, which requires additional time for payment to arrive by mail, we decided that it made sense to prevent the option to leave feedback from appearing until a reasonable amount of time had passed from the sale date. So you'll see the option to leave feedback appear for each transaction on the following schedule:

  • Sellers: you'll have the option to leave feedback for a buyer 2 days after the purchase date - that allows a check or money order buyer the 3 business days to mail the check/MO, and additional time for the payment to arrive by mail.
  • Buyers: you'll have the option to leave feedback for a seller 3 days after the purchase date - that allows time for the payment to arrive, the seller to ship the item, and the item to arrive by mail.

Our primary goal with this scheduling was to avoid some of the problems that can arise when we jump to leave feedback too early, so we hope everyone will take care with their feedback practices, and remember the effects that poor feedback can have on other members.

So how do I leave feedback?

Leaving feedback is a simple process, and we even let you know which transactions can be rated every time you check the Your Account link. If you log in and go to your account page, you'll see some new links. You can view your current feedback rating, which will show you a summary of all the ratings left for you in the past, you can review past feedback that you've left for others, and if you have any transactions in the past that haven't been rated, there will be a third link that will let you access that list of transactions you can rate.

When you click the last link, you'll see each purchase or sale, and clicking the feedback link will take you to the rating page. It's a simple form, where you can select the rating, and enter comments (optional if you are leaving a Great rating). You will need to leave feedback for a sale within 60 days of the purchase or sale, after that time the option to leave feedback will no longer be available.

Can feedback be removed?

We have built in the option to remove past feedback you've left for another member, but please take special note of the fact that you have only one chance to leave feedback for a transaction. If you leave a rating and then decide to remove it later, under no circumstances will you have another option to leave feedback. This policy is in place to prevent abuse of the system, and no exceptions will be made.

Once you've started leaving feedback, you'll see an option in Your Account to review past ratings you've left, and next to each rating is an option to delete feedback. You have a total of 60 days to remove feedback, after that point the option to remove it will be gone, and we will not be able to alter the rating in any way.

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