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Multiple Listing Feature Now Working Fine

This is a great feature for sellers who have multiples of the same item or for buyers that want to purchase more than 1 of the same item from the same seller. Here's how it will work: When a seller goes to list an item, there will be an option to select the number of that item he has on hand to sell. The seller will list this just one time and each time one or more sells, the system will regenerate the listing back to the front page and deduct the amount of items from the inventory.

The seller pays all fees up front for however many he wishes to list. It is really a convenient feature which is basically making a "duplicate" listing but the seller doesn't have to manually do it. For shipping: The seller selects the shipping price for the first item which will apply to single purchases and multiple purchases. The seller will then select additonal shipping charges for additional items, such as .50 cents for each additonal, $1 or even free. Pretty cool! This will tie in nicely with the upcoming shopping cart feature we will be working on. FOR BUYERS, you just need to select the amount of the same item you wish to purchase. You should normally see discounted shipping for additional quantities. This feature should also reduce the amount of "duplicate" listings of the same item over and over, which takes up valuable space on the front pages and make the buyers search more pages to find items.



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