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The characters of the Las Vegas diecast event

I recently attended the Diecast Space event in Las Vegas. There were lots of cool things to see here and especially some very interesting people. I've commissioned "Little Daddy Roth" (Big Ed's son) to do our artwork for our t-shirts, promotions ect. using a cartoonish sketch of the 70 Challenger. This should be some great stuff. I also talked for a long time with "Fireball Tim". What a crazy guy! He may be helping me on some projects, including ways to make TTP even more fun and interesting than it already is! Here is some more info on Tim.

Fireball Tim Lawrence is "Hollywood's Secret Design Weapon." The premiere Movie Car Designer and TV Host is consistenly called upon by Hollywood's elite to envision designs for what has been a chain of over 350 entertainment and design projects in film, TV and commercials. He conceptualized vehicles, weapons, spaceships, costumes, props and completely unique environments for Hollywood's biggest films and Television. He was the All Star Designer for Discovery Channel's hit series "MONSTER GARAGE" with Jesse James, as well as the award winning 650hp POLICE PURSUIT MINI for Speed Chanel's "STREET TUNER CHALLENGE", a show syndicated worldwide to a billion viewers. His unique concepts have established Fireball as the leader in film design and Hollywood's most sought after expert and host. Fireball's days are filled with MOVIE CAR DESIGN projects through his company FIREBALL TIM ENTERTAINMENT and his partnered build house CINEMA VEHICLES. His TV Show appearances and the filming of his hugely successful Web-Series "Fireball Tim's WORLD OF CARS" number in the hundreds. He's done Discovery Channel's "WORLD'S MOST EXPENSIVE RIDES", attends 50-75 car shows a year, blogs to millions of fans through his personal blog as well as the millions subscribed to CarDomain.com, has developed Nutritional Supplements, is designing CHILDRENS BOOKS, gives "Mindstorm Seminars" on creativity in High Schools and even designs characters for his professional PROMOTIONAL MASCOTS division, KCL Productions, with his wife Kathie. He's been featured in TOP GEAR MAGAZINE, drives the pace car for The Palos Verdes Marathon, is a featured guest at many shows including the Las Vegas DIECAST SUPERCON and THE HOUSTON ART CAR PARADE with 250,000 in attendance. Fireball attends over 75 shows a year including MAJOR AUTO SHOWS worldwide and has been featured in more than 50 Trade Publications including AUTOWEEK, MOTOR TREND and many others. He currently lives in Malibu, California.



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