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Show Your Colors and Win

Here's something a little different. I like seeing TTP hats, stickers, buttons and other logo items shown at the conventions and shows. During the Dearborn convention and maybe for all upcoming events, I will be running spontaneous giveaways for showing your TTP logo items. I will designate certain time, (not to be announced) like when I'm riding the elevator and I see somebody wearing TTP, or maybe first one I see off the elevator, or maybe even in the parking lot on a bumper. You never know.

Giveaways will be small tokens for your support. Maybe a hat, maybe a sticker, maybe $1,$5,$10 or even a $20 might be awaiting you. Heck, I might even have a Redline in my pocket to give you. If you don't have any TTP logo items, I just purchased hundreds of 3x4" oval stickers, as shown in this announcement. They will be for sale for $1 each plus shipping. Buy yours today and show your support of The Toy Peddler.



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