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Membership Drive Contest for June

For the month of June, we are running a membership drive contest. Here's how it will work. Refer a new member during the month and be sure to have them put you down as their referrer in the referral line on the registration form. They can either use your user id or real name. In order to qualify for the contest, you need to have at least 3 referrals. PLEASE don't have your Aunt, Mom, Son or Daughter enter just to get you qualified, unless they are at least 16 years of age, and actually interested in being a member of The Toy Peddler. All registrations will be verified and confirmed by email address.

I will have a random draw on July 1st, and the winning referrer will receive the Redline Custom Volkswagen shown below, $50 in cash and $50 in listing credits. The members the winner referrs will each receive $25 cash and $10 in listing credits. (first 3 referrals only) Remember, all persons you refer will automatically receive $5 in free listing credits, along with yourself. As of this writing, NOBODY has qualified for the drawing yet, so the odds are good.



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