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Changes and Upgrades to Feedback System

As some of you may have noticed, the feedbacks are now given to the decimal, and not rounded off. We have redone the entire feedback system to count every transaction, which before was not the case. It was really messed up. Every negative will count. Every positive will count. Neutrals will not affect the % as they did before, basically reflecting as a negative. You may see your feedback numbers change, either by

going up a couple points or down. This is a much better system now. We may experience a few glitches along the way such as deleting old feedback and getting the dates corrected, but it will be done, and it will be better. One more thing, if you see you are getting prompted to leave me feedback for the purchase of listing credits, you can just ignore that if you like. No need to leave feedback and we will be removing those prompts soon.



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