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I am pleased to announce we have brought on another Webmaster to bring long overdue changes and upgrades to our site. First, the feedback system has been revamped to reflect every transaction down to the decimal and eliminate a neutral reflecting as a negative. Also, if you check your inventory page, there is now a checkbox system for deleting or putting on hold several items at once.

We are now working on something I am REALLY excited about. An INVOICING SYSTEM! A buyer will be able keep shopping with the same seller as an option and when ready to check out, send an invoice request. The seller can move more quickly on this now. The seller will also be able to search by buyer and date, click a button and get an itemized invoice and all he has to do is add the shipping cost and send to buyer to pay. This will make multiple transactions MUCH easier. A shopping cart with immediate checkout would have been great, but with all the shipping options, different shipping preferences for sellers and international buyers, it made it impossible. This system will work MUCH better. Next we will be including the option to put a "Globe" icon below your listings if you ship internationally, or a US flag is only to the us or a US flag and a Canadian flag. I always encourage all sellers to ship internationally as we have MANY very active buyers throughout the world. There are many more things I have planned to improve the site, such as adding new categories and dividing some of the crowded ones up, so be sure to read the newsletter for more details. I had to trim the mailing list from 20,000+ to just over 5,000 so if you are not sure you are on the mailing list, PLEASE click on the link on the home page to make sure you will get my mailiings.



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