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Clarifyiing Listing Guidelines

After doing a check of our database, I have found that many sellers have been totally changing listings from one item to another, which is not allowed, but has not been clarified in our policy page. Also, when I have offered .10 cent or .25 cent listings across the board, some sellers have gone in and made dozens or even hundreds of listings and then put them on hold immediately, planning on using them at a later date. I feel this was taking advantage of our generosity on those special listing days. Some sellers have also made sales off site, or encouraged buyers to not click the buy button but contact them with a want list, then use those spots to change to another listing. In order to close this loophole, we will no longer allow changing titles or original pictures after 48 hours from listing time.

This will give sellers time to edit their new listings, but not totally change down the road. As per our policy page, we need to give our members 30 days notice before making this change, so after the first of the year, these changes will take affect.



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