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hobbyDB and The Toy Peddler Join Forces

Today I am very excited to announce that hobbyDB and The Toy Peddler will be officially working together as one. I've known Christian (the founder of hobbyDB) for more than ten years and over the past 18 months, I have seen how hobbyDB continues to improve as a resource for diecast collectors. When I started the Toy Peddler, I had a mission to create a platform that was better than eBay for both buyers and sellers and I know by combining and helping hobbyDB, we will now be able to do this. They bring the tech, and I bring 20 years of sales knowhow. It used to be just George (my tech guy) and I and now we have Alex, Anastasia, Andrew, Chris, Christian, Dayne, JP, Mario, Parker and the two of us! This is a decision that I am very excited about as we will now have the resources and larger team to make big moves forward and to do this. We'll be looking to you for feedback for what would make your life easier when you buy and sell diecast. Please note that both sites will continue to operate individually as we reach out to buyers and sellers to see what improvements are most important to them. No changes will be made to the Toy Peddler until we receive this essential feedback. Even more exciting is once we have received your feedback, buyers on The Toy Peddler will gain access to all of hobbyDB's inventory, doubling the number of items for sale and sellers' items will eventually be listed on both marketplaces, doubling their exposure to potential customers. Eventually by combining forces, we'll be able to utilize the ease of hobbyDB collection management and the power of the Toy Peddler marketplace to create a one of a kind resource for collectors worldwide. We will proactively reach out to a lot of you, but if you would like to offer feedback now, please email us at feedback@thetoypeddler.com.



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