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The Inspiration for Make-A-Wish Foundation

All his life, Christopher James Greicius dreamed of becoming a police officer. But he couldn't know that his wish would be the inspiration for the largest wish-granting organization in the world. The Make-A-Wish Foundation traces its beginning to one boy's wish. In 1980, 7-year-old Chris Greicius was being treated for leukemia.

Every day, he dreamed of becoming a police officer. U.S. Customs Officer Tommy Austin had befriended Chris and his mother, Linda Bergendahl-Pauling. He also promised Chris a ride in a police helicopter. When Chris' health worsened, Austin contacted Ron Cox, an Arizona Department of Public Safety officer, and planned a day that would lift Chris' spirits. On April 29, 1980, Austin and a caring group of DPS personnel started Chris' day with a tour of the city in a department helicopter, which also flew him to headquarters. Three cruisers and a motorcycle officer greeted him before his meeting with the DPS command staff. There, Chris was sworn in as the first honorary DPS patrolman in state history. But his experience didn't stop there. Cox contacted John's Uniforms, which agreed to make a custom-tailored DPS uniform for Chris. The store owner and two seamstresses worked through the night to finish it. The officers presented the official uniform to Chris on May 1 and arranged a motorcycle proficiency test so he could earn wings to pin on his uniform. Needless to say, Chris passed the test with flying colors on his battery-operated motorcycle. On May 2, Chris was back in the hospital. He asked to arrange the room so he could always see his uniform, his motorcycle helmet and his "Smokey Bear"-style campaign hat. DPS motor officer Frank Shankwitz presented Chris with his motorcycle wings. He accepted them with a smile that lit up the room. The following day, Chris passed away, but not before seeing his dream come true and experiencing the hope, strength and joy that came from receiving his wish.................................... As you can see, the Make-A-Wish Foundation is a wonderful thing. I have a goal of raising a minimum of $2,000 before the Oct. Convention in L.A., so time is getting short. We really need to step up and help now. I am sure we can acheive that goal with your help. I know this is a longer read than normal, but it is well worth the time. Please click on the "Chipin" link on the home page to make a donation through PayPal. If you want to make a contribution by money order or check you can do so. Just send to: Paul Biddle 478 Keen Road Grants Pass, OR. 97527 You can make the check payable to Make-A-Wish or to The Toy Peddler. I will combine the contributions and make a large donation at the national Hotwheels Convention coming up in Oct.



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