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This weekend is the second and last sale of the HOT TTP Custom! Last week was INSANE with split second sales. SALE STARTS 8AM PST through 2PM both Saturday and Sunday. There will also be a listing special and a few TTP Treasure Hunts for free stuff!. BE THERE!

**SPECIAL PERK FOR TTP/hobbyDB Shareholders, enjoy 25% off your purchase of the TTP custom** There will be 50 regular cards and 10 INCREDIBLE Chase pieces, just wait for THOSE pics. These will be STRICTLY limited to ONE per customer/address, including the Chase piece. So you will have to make your mind up which piece to buy, IF you get lucky! Each piece will come with matching decal AND signed e-sheet. Stay tuned for more info... soon! WE LOVE FEEDBACK, and let us know what you think! Send me your thoughts to: anita@thetoypeddler.com



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