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A Tribute to Doris

It was almost exactly 2 years ago today that I received the news from Doris's husband Steve that she had passed away at her computer sometime during the night, possibly while listing items at TTP. Doris was the epitomy of what a TTP seller should be and much more. She had a perfect feedback record and had over 10,500 sales! She was the first person to acheive this accomplishment in TTP's history. It is with great honor and a lot of sadness that I am sharing this news with you. I have decided to honor Doris with the first ever acheivement award from TTP, which I will call the "Doris Award". Anybody that can accomplish what Doris did (10,000 + sales and purchases) will receive this award in honor of her. This will be the highest award you can ever expect to receive here from The Toy Peddler.

Doris not only was able to accomplish what she did here in a fairly short time, she was a fighter all the way. She unfortunately had serious health problems which affected her speech and her ability to fully work fine motor skills. Can you imagine what willpower it took to make all those listings while having your body fight you all the way? I had the pleasure of meeting Doris at the Irvine Convention a couple years before she passed away. What an amazing woman. She lived and loved to ride. The picture is of her buying her dream bike, which she was only able to ride a few times before her passing. Ride on Doris. You will be dearly missed.



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