12 Days of Christmas - Diecast Deals

The countdown to Christmas begins with the 12 Days of Christmas at The Toy Peddler! Enjoy deals from select Toy Peddler sellers for the next 12 days. All seller discounts start today and last until December 21st. Discounts will applied on your final invoice.

Here are the first six featured sellers and their awesome discounts!

Shop 30% off AAADiecast

Shop 20% off at Otto

Shop at Eagleupnorth -
5% Off on total purchase up to $20
10% off on total purchase 20.01 to $49.99.
15% off on total purchase of $50.00 or more

Shop at Flashfire -
5% over 20.00
10% over 50.00
15% over 100.00

Shop 25% off at BigDon

Shop multiple discounts at Vette77