Dear TTP Member,

A few of you have received notifications that information from TTP might have been found on the Darknet, thanks for notifying us! So far only one service called Lifelock has found such information and they say that the information appears to come from The Toy Peddler. While this is possible we are not aware of any hack of our server and we use one of the biggest and sophisticated hosting company (Rackspace).

Regardless if this happened or not here a few thoughts and things you can do -

1. Remember that we almost hold no data on you and that even if somebody was able to log in as you they could really only use your credits to sale items (which would be obvious) or maybe change your PayPal email on the account.

2. Just to be safe we suggest that you change your Password (go to My Accounts and then to Update Your Profile)

3. You can also check if your details were exposed in a hack somewhere. Lifelock is a paid service but this one is free:

Please don't be shocked as probably everybody's details have been exposed at one point of time)
We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you informed if we hear anything relevant new.