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Hot Wheels 1982 Proto resin Hand painted Frontrunnin Fairmont

Description: This is from 1982. AHot Wheels proto resin hand painted car used for the catalog shots long before the production painted and tampo cars were in protduction. look at the hand painted tampo detail. its awsome Remember, this is a one of a kind. This is not the tampo printed epoxy's - they printed as many as 6 or 8 of those. These took painstaking talent to hand paint the tampo detail so beautifully. Each model took as much as 60 hours to do This is a once in a lifetime opportunity at a collection that is of Historical importance in Hot Wheels History. Some have been seen in the book “Speed, Power, Performance and attitude” by Randy Leffingwell. Mattel does not and has not done hand painted cars in over 25 years. The new technology of computers has long since replaced this old method or representing products not yet available. Also available in the hand painted collection are Buzz Off in an Alternate TAMPO NOT USED, Carabo, El Rey, Mercedes C111, VW Bug tampo, Jet Threat, Large Charge in alternate color lt blue, Mighty Maverick lt green and blue, Monte Carlo Stocker, Paramedic, Rodger Dodger, Ramblin Wrecker, Sand Drifter alternate Org color, Warpath Yellow unheard of YELLOW, Warpath white w/diff star arrangement, American Hauler, American Tipper, Formula 5000, Formula Pack, Khaki Cooler, Maxi Taxi, Staff Car, Front Runnin Fairmont, Fiero 2M4, Chevy Citation and the Dixie Challenger . Some are on painted metal bodies. This sale if for the Formula 5000 only NEW LOWER PRICE WAS 3200!!!!!

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Payment/Shipping Policy: cash, Money order or cashiers checks

Seller: hotwheels18
Price: $2500.00
Shipping: $25.00
Location: Long Beach, CA
Date Listed: 06/27/2014
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