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Hot Wheels Prototype Big Rig Crash Truck Hand painted sample

Description: This one is pretty cool. In person, it is VERY easy to see that this was a hand painted sample. It appears to be a resin material of some sort. I didn't want to scratch it to see what it looks like under the paint but it's obvious these are not injection molded parts. This one I got at the HW convention about 2 years ago. Take a look and compare this to the production version. Even the box is completely different. There is no printing on the back, the graphics on the front are different and even the assembly of the rig itself has different rivets etc.

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Payment/Shipping Policy: PAYPAL AT TIME OF PURCHASE. PAYPAL AT TIME OF PURCHASE. ITEM WILL BE RE-LISTED IF PAYMENT IS NOT RECEIVED IMMEDIATELY. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING THIS REQUEST. First Class mail with DC# Will be shipped in a protecto pack International buyer welcome but shipping will be calculated via first class air mail.

Seller: sleepercivic
Price: $80.00
Shipping: $10.00
Location: Fontana, CA
Date Listed: 11/28/2014
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