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Collectible Hangers Diecast Display- Hot Wheels, Greenlight, Jada, etc

Description: This display system is a new way to display your hanging collectibles. Especially diescast. The pictures here (CARS NOT INCLUDED) show how this unique product can display 55 standard Blister Packs...HOWEVER...it can also be used to display different size and shaped Blister Packs or "Clamshell" type packaging demonstrated in two of the pictures. And you can even display both types at the same time depending on how you place the blister packs and/or clamshell packages on the display. You can also display those vehicles placed in 'protectors'. Check us out at ... www.collectiblehangers.com "CollectibleHangers" is a new and unique product. Adult supervision is recommended. There are small parts and this is recommended for 8 and above. Today’s diescast vehicles are packaged on/in "cards" (Clamshell and Blister Packs) that come in multiple sizes and shapes, and the "CollectibleHangers" display system can handle them all. This particular product version (02-05-11-055) can hold up to 55 standard hanging blister packs. Again, (CARS NOT INCLUDED) pictures for example only. If you choose, you can place them so the artworks shows (of course, displayed quantity would be less). And you can also use this for "Clamshell" type packaging like that used for Jada, Greenlight, etc. The most unique and flexible way to display your hanging collectibles on the market today. Finally, you can get those clamshell diecast vehicles out on display! “The secure and flexible way to display your hanging collectibles.” www.collectiblehangers.com

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