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Tune-Up Wrench Original Brightvision Tool

Description: Here you go folks! Some legendary memorabilia from the now defunct Brightvision company. As you know, Brightvision knocked off many things, including the RLBB way back in 2001. At the same time, they were selling a killer knock-off of the original Redline Tune-Up wrench. Their old web address is stamped right into the steel! Now that is cool! And the best part is, the tool actually works to help you straighten bent axles and removing wheels! Now that is a real bonus!! You can read more about BV at www.brightvisionstory.com If you are familiar with the Tune-up Wrench included in the Tune-Up Tower from back in 1969, you will recognize this tool. All the way down to the zinc plating, material and manufacturing method, this tool is spot on! Even the small eyelet is there! I guess someone back n the 1960s thought the kids would wear the tool around their neck so they could repair the cars frequently as they blew through the superchargers!! Two important improvements were made to increase the functionality of the wrench The thickness was increased slightly and the blade support was extended on the bottom of the tool. Both changes make the tool more rigid, so when you are actually using it, it gets the job done without bending, unlike the originals which bent very easily. These are worth the keepsake value alone. They are stamped steel with zinc plating, with the Brightvision URL stamped into one side. The back side is blank. The finish looks a lot like the finish on the bases of the early cars from 68-72. There have been a number of other knock-offs since BV stormed the hobby, but the BV product is still considered far superior. Includes free shipping!! At this price, get more than one! See pictures for details. Please note the original shown on the bottom in the picture below is shown only for comparison purposes. The original is not included in this listing and is not for sale. For this item, I offer free shipping to anywhere in the world!

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