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Original Vintage Hot Wheels Track Pieces NOS

Description: I have recently come into a large quantity of original Hot Wheels track pieces. These were pulled from rough packages of the Hot Strip Super Paks. They are MINT unplayed wiht. You can buy in bulk and I will ship for as close to actual shipping price as possible. Smaller quantities may be shipped in a smaller box and may be slightly curved but should return to flat once removed and warmed up. Larger quantites will be shipped in a Priority long box, and any extra shipping charges will be returned to the buyer.

Seller Accepts: PayPal

Payment/Shipping Policy: International shipping may be higher.

Seller: grants pass auction
Price: $0.50
First Item Shipping: $4.95
Additional Shipping: $0.45
Location: Grants Pass, Oregon
Date Listed: 06/18/2017
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 Quantity (available: 33)

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