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Gran Toro Chevrolet Astro silver with Italian Box

Description: great paint, just the red stripe has sunbeechings. Perfect glass, all opening parts wok, spare wheel is there. Base has gunflake blueing. Wheels like fine but one front wheel and one rear do not turn properly. Box is good, but I'm not 100 % sure if it is an original.

Seller Accepts: PayPal

Payment/Shipping Policy: shipment is 5 $ flat for international airmail no matter how many cars you take. In case of amounts of 50 $ and more all deliveries will be registered. PLEASE NOTE : GERMAN RESIDENTS HAVE TO ADD 19 % VAT ON THE PURCHASE PRICE

Seller: diecastsontrax
Price: $35.00
Shipping: $5.00
Location: Muelheim, Northrhine-Westfalia
Date Listed: 07/08/2017
Will Ship: