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Paying $1.00 shipped per Hotwheels items on this list, need 1000's

Description: We are buying everything on this list at $1.00 each shipped to us. Send us a list of any and all limited edition Hotwheels you have available. Cruisin America, Designer Challenge, DC Comic Cars, Dale Earnhardt Jr Cars, Cool Classics, Classics any series, Camoflauge Series, Gift Card, Gran Turismo, Easter Cars, Editors Choice, Fright Cars, Euro Style, 4th of July, Fathers Day, Larry, Waynes. Phils Garage cars, Fast & Furious, General Mills, Flag Day, Flying Customs, Fire Rods, Cop Rods, Holiday Hot Rods, Hanna Barbera, Halloween, New Years Cars, Happy Birthday Cars, Hall of Fame, Just Born, Juke Box, James Bond, Mothers Wax, Jiffy Lube, Muppets, Marvel, Motor City Classics, Military Rods, Mardi Gras, Looney Tunes, Lowriders, Redliners, Real Riders, Heritage, Porsche Series, Mustang Mania, Mustang 50th, 100% Preferred, Races Aces, Road Trippin, Nose Art, Originals, Sponge Bob, Star Wars, Sunburnerz, Star Trek, Speed Demons, Street Show, Speed Racer, Star Trek, Stars & Stripes, Trick Track, The Hot Ones, Team Hotwheels, Super Chromes, Toy Story, Sweet Rides, Summer Racin, Since '68, Sweet Rides, Slick Rides, Valentines, Walmart Red Cards, Vintage Series, Univeral Monsters, Final Run, 30th Anniversary, Demolition Man, Ultra Hots, Corvette 60 Years, Cars of the Decades, Clover Cars, Connect Cars, BMW Series, Beatles, Superheros, Boulevard, Auto Affinty, Auto Milestones, Acceleracers, Archies, Avengers, Atari, HWY 35 World Race.

Seller Accepts: PayPal, Money Order

Payment/Shipping Policy:

Seller: 1hotwheeler
Date Listed: 07/14/2017
Will Ship:

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