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2017 Hot Wheels HALO UNSC Warthog Casting / Body Variation

Description: You are looking at a 2017 Hot Wheels #2 HALO UNSC WARTHOG in olive. The variation on these 2 is the front end - bumper ends. The 1st has long and narrow pieces sticking out and the 2nd has wider but shorter ends. i tried to pic it but it was hard. I believe the long and narrow was the first release. It is VERY easy to see with both in hand. They are both on American long card and both cars, cards and blisters are in good shape. Please check out my other listings for ALOT more Loose and Blistered Hot Wheels EXCLUSIVE and VARIATION cars.

Seller Accepts: PayPal, Money Order

Payment/Shipping Policy: Payment due within 5 days of purchase. This is only a side job for me and shipping may take up to 7 days for me to ship out. I hope to make it shorter, but at times it may be that long. Items WILL be shipped in a trackable manner!! The shipping quote is for US shipping only!!!! All others please contact me for shipping rates!

Seller: frank 6065
Price: $4.99
Shipping: $4.95
Location: Berwyn, IL
Date Listed: 09/04/2017
Will Ship: