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Custom wheel swap with Real Riders TV Series BATMOBILE

Description: Custom 2016 Hot Wheels ..TV series, BATMOBILE, flat black with gloss black flames and with red striping and red accents gray interior, clear windows with Real Riders rubber tires. 1:64 scale. This diecast was customized by me. I drilled the factory rivets out, removed the original wheels/tires, and replaced them with Real Riders rubber tires. It was then re-assembled using button-head screws to look like the factory rivets.. NOTE: The axles DO NOT stick out. The wheels roll but do stick some times. It will be wrapped securely with bubble wrap and shipped in a box with DC#.

Seller Accepts: PayPal

Payment/Shipping Policy: Wrapped in bubblewrap and shipped in a box, with Delivery Confirmation #.

Seller: redfirebird
Price: $20.00
Shipping: $3.50
Location: Abilene, TX
Date Listed: 09/30/2017
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