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Description: Happy Holidays to Collectors! I wanted a serious collector to buy my whole Hot Wheels collection and give it a good home. So far this year, the only interest has been for part of the collection. Therefore, I will now accept valid offers for a chunk of my Hot Wheels collection. Based on a this, I am removing three items with very large special memories. The first item is my Road King Truck in the Mattel parts box (there is a mint loose Road King Truck available), the second item is my blister pack S'Cool Bus (there is a mint loose S'Cool Bus available), the third item is my blister pack red enamel Racer Rig (there are the white enamel Racer Rig and the metallic red Racer Rig available). OK people, make us an offer! Minimum volume acceptable will be for 1,000 cars and/or non car items, and minimum acceptable dollars will be $35,000.00. All offers must be submitted by January 31, 2018. We will review all acceptable offers and select one buyer involving the largest volume item count and largest appropriate associated dollars. We will notify the winner by February 7, 2018. Buyer confirmation and money transfer required by February 14, 2018. Buyer item removal required by February 21, 2018. In the event of our acceptance of an offer we cannot refuse, we will notify all of you, and all of the above events and dates will be negated. In case you do not subscribe to the Hot Wheels Newsletter, the basic text of our Newsletter Ad is listed below. Thank you in advance. JRF ************* Our Hot Wheels Newsletter Ad ***************** Collection For Sale Greetings HW Collectors. Back in 1968, I bought small cars, to play with my son, Trent. He liked the ones most resembling real cars, so I bought Matchbox and traded with him. Guess who ended up with all the Hot Wheels cars! But now, at age 80, my memory is disappearing, and it is time to let another collector enjoy my beloved Hot Wheels cars. My primary Hot Wheels collection includes over 11,000 Hot Wheels cars (including 99% of Hot Wheels 1:64 new models from the first 30 years, many variations, France, Mexico, India, Japan, etc., most of the loose cars are exclusives from play sets or multi packs). In addition: Over 1,000 HW related vehicles (Earthshakers, Farbs, Gran Toros, Hot Line, Mean Machines, Muky, prototypes, Revvers, RRRumblers, Sizzlers, Zowees, etc.). Over 100 short run cars (under 350 produced). Over 1,000 HW related items (many unopened play sets, carry cases, t-shirts, Mattel catalogs, over 100 autographed designer items, convention items, etc.). If wanted, free furniture (rotating 6 foot tall display cases, tables, shelving, etc.), and over 2,000 free miscellaneous HW related items (too minor to list). As we continue to sell thousands of duplicate Hot Wheels cars (at flea markets, toy shows, sales, etc.), any variations found are added to the primary Hot Wheels collection. Many Hot Wheels are not listed in Tomart's (red enamel racer rig still in bp, road king truck in a sealed parts box obtained from Mattel, etc...). Thanks for looking, and happy Hot Wheels hunting. J. R. Fujise HWN #1394 Please Contact My Seller For Details: HAROLD THAYER 237 CHASE AVE. SE SALEM, OREGON 97302 U. S. A. PHONE: (503) 508-2855 - EMAIL: hktconsulting@comcast.net Original ad:My name is Joe Robert Fujise, I am eighty years old, hard of hearing, and as each year passes, my memory keeps on getting worse and worse. Collecting Mattel Hot Wheels has always been exciting and fun, but now it is time for me to sell my primary HWs collection (variations, but no duplicates except a minor car or two that happen to be included in a sealed set), and then I can relax for the remainder of my life. Therefore, I have retained Harold Thayer (who has a broad knowledge of collectable cars, plus buying and selling experience), to create a list of my primary Hot Wheels collection, and now, since he currently knows more detail about my collection than I do, he has agreed to be my seller, and he will send a data DVD with the entire listing plus a few photographs, to each serious HWs collection buyer, for the shipping and handling cost (lower 48 USA = $8.00, other countries will be calculated). I have probably accumulated approximately 13,000 Hot Wheels items (approximately 11,000 are Mattel Hot Wheels cars, plus the rest are Hot Wheels associated items, they are being listed, boxed and placed into storage, and until Harold completes the listing, we can only give an approximate final item count, and to reduce time spent, we may have to lump some of the remaining thousands of minor items into a few general categories. PLEASE NOTE: TO ALL POTENTIAL BUYERS: WE CURRENTLY HAVE A PROBLEM. There have been a few undesirable events, which has affected the completion date of the primary Hot Wheels collection listing. Our current estimate is a completion date between July 9th. Let me start with a short summary of my HWs collecting history. In 1968, I started buying 1/64th cars, so my son Trent and I could enjoy pushing cars around a large poster board hand drawn town. It did not take long to determine his preference for the cars that most resembled the real cars he saw on the street. With that information, I bought mostly Matchbox cars and traded with him. This resulted in his accumulation of cars he liked, and I ended up with most of the Hot Wheels and a few other brands. Soon after, I started collecting one of each of the Hot Wheels castings plus any extras I liked, and continued to play with my son. Near the end of the redline era, I had only met a few adult car collectors (Matchbox), who asked me what I collect, and when I said "Hot Wheels", they said "why?". Anyway, I kept on adding new HWs castings to my collection, and never met another adult HWs collector until I selected an early retirement in 1992, and relocated to Oregon. That was the start of my crazy effort to pick up affordable HWs items I had no previous knowledge of (India, France, Italy, Mexico, general variations, and etceteras). By 1998, I found that the recent specialized Mattel issues associated with specific companies and sports teams made my collecting effort unreasonable, so I fell back to my original collecting method (one of each affordable casting plus any that I liked). Now, let me talk about something you would be interested in, which is some of the highlights of my HWs collection. I have many HWs cars and HWs related items that are not listed in Tomarts 6th edition price guide. Most of the following fit into the "not listed in Tomart category": Most notable is my blister pack Racer Rig with a red enamel cab (not listed in Tomart -- there were approximately a half dozen on the peg when I purchased mine, but I never opened it because I liked my matching white enamel and white trailer I had on display). Another, is my Road King Truck, which is still sealed in it's parts box #7615-9898, which was acquired directly from Mattel (not listed in Tomart -- if you plan on opening the parts box to remove the road king truck, please accept my mint out of the box road king truck instead, and let me keep the one in the parts box). There are over one hundred extreme short run cars produced (about one third 1 to 100 produced, about one third 101 to 200 produced, and about one third 201 to 350 produced), including a few prototypes of varying stages, employee's copies, many issued to convention staff, etceteras (most of these are not listed in Tomart). Over ninty HWs Designers Sheets, of which, over eighty five are autographed by the original designers (not listed in Tomart). Eight HWs Convention Staff Shirts (all were worn during the corresponding conventions), many Convention / Dinner T-Shirts, convention hats, convention bags, and etceteras. Sealed and opened HWs play sets (a few listed in Tomart). Valid India cars plus some invalid South American copies of redline era cars (not listed in Tomart). As for the regular cars, variations, and things I neglected to mention, please reference Harold's Word document listing. Based on the Tomart sixth edition, if all my HWs items were included, my best guess for the book value of my primary collection (which includes one of each item or variable collected) should be between $325,000.00 to $375,000.00 (probably around $350,000.00). So my firm price for my primary HWs collection, is $69,000.00 (which is just below 20% of the estimated $350k). If desired, final buyer has the option to purchase some or most of the HWs duplicates / extras (examples: extra Road King truck, extra original S'Cool Bus, etc.), the extra price is negotiable and we currently do not have a listing. FREE FURNITURE: If the final buyer wishes some or all of the display furniture, the only cost will be the transportation. Some of the available furniture includes two cylinder shaped, six foot tall, display cases (which rotate, and will display approximately 200 loose HWs cars each), a few book shelves, metal two sided store shelves (vary warn), a few strong folding tables, a file cabinet (HW documents), and a few other items. Harold is my seller, the buyer is responsible to make an acceptable payment (including our cost of the acceptable money transfer), and to provide the proper transportation (eg. hire or bring your own moving van), for this volume purchased. Once again, Harold's contact information is as follows: HAROLD THAYER 237 CHASE AVE. SE SALEM, OREGON 97302 U. S. A. PHONE: (503) 508-2855 EMAIL: hktconsulting@comcast.net J. R. Fujise HWN #1394

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