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NEW! 8 LARGE Bright Chrome Deep Dish Wheels Never Available Until NOW!

Description: At long last! They're finally here!! BRIGHT CHROME LARGE Deep Dish Style! After much research and work, I am happy to present the newest redline wheel for your collection or project. As many have come to know, the early cars in 1968 were outfitted with what are called, "Deep Dish" wheels. These wheels have a great profile because the mag is inset from the wall of the tire, just like a real car. The Deep Dish wheels were only produced early on in the first year, and dropped because the mag area was difficult to finish without ruining the wheel. Efficiency in production was the goal, so the engineers moved the mag to be flush with the tire wall and the rest is history! The early cars came with two sizes of Deep Dish wheels small and medium. What you are looking at now is the Deep Dish format wheel in the LARGE size wheel! It was never produced this way, and collectors have always tried to imagine what their Hot Heaps and Spoilers and Indy Cars would look like with this size Deep Dish wheel! Now you can get some and see how they roll!! Check my other TTP listings out for all the other wheel types from 1968 through 1972. Check out the picture below to see what they look like installed on a car! The price includes free shipping to anywhere in the US! All international shipments add $1.50

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Payment/Shipping Policy: I accept PayPal, cash, checks and Money Orders -payable to Brightvision Products. I ship everything First Class US Mail, and packages go out the day after payment arrives. International shipments add $1.50

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Date Listed: 02/02/2018
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