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Description: This is an authentic documented RLBB. This was purchased from the previous owner of the website REDLINESONLINE, and has been in my possession since May of 2011. It was found in LA in the early 2000's by a WELL KNOWN AND RESPECTED AND CURRENT COLLECTOR. It was HEAVILY kid painted, has broken window pillars, a broken tail pipe and no glass (pic below, window replaced with a BV version, also original HK boards). The car was stripped and believed to an original GREEN. The car was authenticated by a well known RLBB documentor and runs the best known Hot Wheel PROTOTYPES website on the Internet. This vehicle is first listed found in 2003...the final sale of this one to me is Feb 2011. I am the third owner ....... http://www.hwprotos.com/menu-grp-cars/1969/6274-RLBB/6274-HK-RLBB-Sales.shtml ............... ........ http://www.hwprotos.com/menu-grp-cars/1969/6274-RLBB/6274-HK-RLBB-Cars.shtml ........ If interested in original glass with this purchase, I can provide information on where it is located. I am the owner of a current Redline forum based website that has been active since 2010ľand will include all documentation I have with the sale. If you cannot afford the $30-$100,000 some of these run...this will be the perfect authentic piece for you. Offers entertained. Item will be sent FULLY INSURED, of course. Contact me with any questions and I will answer to the best of my ability. MAKE ME AN OFFER! Canada buyers must contact me prior to purchase for shipping quote.

Seller Accepts: PayPal

Payment/Shipping Policy: INSURANCE A MUST FOR ANYTHING OVER $100, unless FREE SHIPPING. Canada buyers contact me prior to purchase for shipping quote.

Seller: keeb.egg
Price: $11000.00
Shipping: $50.00
Location: Escalon, CA
Date Listed: 05/06/2018
Will Ship to:    

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