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Description: 1970's Special Limited Edition mint set which contains the special Brown Lizard Skin Surface cufflink attachment, made in Austria. This mint set contains an original Austria (not China remake) Andres & Dworsky 1970's nickel plated Xythos Cap Gun With a gold plated trigger, One original instruction sheet, One original square plastic case, One extra nickel plated lock screw, One original nickel plated Tie Bar, and once again, the Brown Lizard Skin Surface Nickel Plated Cuff Link. In addition we are including a copy of the Andres & Dworsky Lizard advertisement and a copy of the JRF 1960's vs, 1970's hammer difference sheet. AMMUNITION OPTIONS: If you want to add a red box of 36 2mm pinfire blanks, it can be added for $29.50 each (maximum of 4 boxes). PLEASE NOTE: All the pictures are of my Xythos Automatic set. Your mint Xythos Automatic set came from old store stock, has never been taken out of the original case or used, but may have some slight shelfware on the square plastic case. We opened your case to insert the tissue padding for shipping. These sets were assembled, by the manufacturer, and do not include the plastic pin protector shown on the instruction sheet. FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY: Do not attempt to fire a projectile using the Xythos Automatic revolver (it was not designed to handle the additional internal pressure). TO PURCHASE THIS ITEM, YOU MUST DECLARE YOURSELF TO BE TWENTY ONE YEARS OF AGE OR GREATER, AND YOU MUST HAVE A MAILING ADDRESS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. WE DO NOT SHIP GUNS OUTSIDE OF THE USA !!!Look at pics and ask questions if not sure. I DO COMBINE ON SHIPPING,ACTUAL COST. PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU BID.EXTRA INFO: The reason I included a copy of the lizard ad, which includes the Andres & Dworsky drawing & words lizard, along with the Limited Edition 1970's Xythos Cap Gun with the Brown Lizard Skin surface cufflink attachment, is to increase the validity of these cufflinks. This is the only A & D advertisement with a link to the lizard skin cufflinks (that we know of). The lizard skin cufflink surface was used on four Limited Edition groupings: The LE gold plated 1960s two cap gun Xythos Derringer set has black lizard surface cufflinks (we have never seen this two cap gun set with all gold plated cufflinks). The LE nickel plated 1960's Xythos Cap Gun set has black lizard surface cufflinks (regular production run has all nickel plated cufflink attachments). The LE nickel plated 1970's Xythos Cap Gun set has brown lizard surface cufflinks (regular production run has all nickel plated cufflink attachments). The LE silver plated and gold plated combination 1970's Xythos Cap Gun set has brown lizard surface cufflinks (regular production run has all silver plated cufflink attachments) . Some collectors wonder if all these lizard skin cufflinks could be something made later, and not by A & D, just to make additional Xythos set variations. Check our other TTP ads for Xythos Automatic six shot double action revolvers and Berloque single shot pistols.

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Payment/Shipping Policy: Shipping is $10.50 Priority Mail only and will include insurance. Multi buys wait for invoice for actual cost. I accept PayPal. Payment is due in 5 days.

Seller: cobravettenut
Price: $139.50
Shipping: $10.50
Location: Salem, OR
Date Listed: 11/28/2018
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