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Description: Here we have the KING of castings in the Redline world. A real deal ROSE REAR LOAD BEACH BOMB. Now is your chance to join the “club”of the owners of this most desirable and talked about Hot Wheels. These rarely come up for sale, and when they do, most are traded within the Redline circles, without public knowledge. The Beach Bomb was prepared for production at the plant in California (research notes show the body was made on Feb. 15, 1969) when Mattel team discovered that the bus was too narrow to be "engaged" by the foam rubber wheels of the new "Supercharger" accessory. Furthermore, the narrow width and high center of gravity of the car made it unstable on the orange track and it easily "wiped out"! From the perspective of the Marketing department, these characteristics were fatal flaws as the Super Charger was to be a very important part of the 1969 product line, the centerpiece of many new track sets. Since all new castings had to work with the Super Charger, Mattel engineers made a decision halting production after only a single shift of production. The redesign process resulted in a few "transitional" versions, and no Rear Load Beach Bomb was released to the public or sold and only the original sample and test pieces that were in the Mattel offices could have survived. According to the extensive research conducted by a well-known collector, only 40 examples of the true Rear Loading Beach Bomb remain and 3 of the redesign process transitional pieces are known. This RLBB is in the middle in rarity of the known colors, ROSE and is part of the Bruce Pascal Collection. Please visit my website for more exciting Redline prototype information: www.redlineprotos.com . This Bomb is in excellent condition with some wispy tones and a small visible nick to the front window area. Please view my photos, as they show all of the very little flaws. An absolutely beautiful color on this Bomb. This RLBB came from the son of a very important former Mattel employee who played a very important role in the early era of Mattel. Included with this sale will be an original patent document that shows the employee name and an interesting Mattel envelope that contains $1 (that was the fee paid to a Mattel employee for a patent). Happy to answer any questions, and this item can be personally picked up if you choose. The method of shipping and insurance will be worked out after sale. Hand delivery or pick-up can be arraigned. A lot more photos are available, as I am limited to only 5 here.

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Payment/Shipping Policy: Insurance and shipping/delivery method will be worked out after sale.

Seller: sbruce
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Location: Potomac, MD
Date Listed: 03/21/2019
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