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Mego Jet Wheels 9102 Mercury Cougar for Resto / Custom / Filler

Description: This is the Mego Jet Wheels Mercury Cougar in metallic blue. The car is complete with the hood which still opens properly. It has some general wear and paint chipping and is missing the two rear hubcaps. The right front pillar has a slight ding to it. Windows are uncracked All wheels are present. The baseplate does not fit properly which is a factory error. It looks like the front of the base has some extra metal on it. Car would make for a good resto or custom candidate (if dismantled, it looks like base could be filed to fit) or serve as a collection filler. HTF model.

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Seller: baskingshark
Price: $14.99
Shipping: $5.00
Location: Boulder, CO
Date Listed: 05/18/2019
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