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Antifreeze Over Chrome Deora

Description: The holy grails, the Crown Jewels of the hobby, the infamous Original ‘68 OVER CHROMEs! These hardly ever get listed for sale publicly and are by far the most sought after redlines of all time. There are less of these known than rear loader beach bombs. Any one of these Over Chrome’s are more rare than blue deora’s, purple 442’s and hot pink bandits. Here is, what might prove to be, your once in a lifetime opportunity to add one of these incredible gems to your collection! There are 31 known Over Chrome Original ‘68 cars. Spanning 8 castings in different colours. These painted over chrome’s shine incredibly in hand and are a truly remarkable center piece to any collection. “ These cars are beleived to have been used primarily for Commercials. A large group of them came from a Mattel Photographer who primarly shot TV Commercials.” This Deora is not only 1 of 1 known but it has a prototype green interior and a painted tail! As well as the specially created wheels, unique to the Over Chrome commercial cars. This Deora is well played with but here is your chance to own the only Over Chrome Deora in the world! Shipping is free in Canada and the USA. Pricing is difficult as they do not come up for sale publicly and I am open to offers. I can send more pictures upon request. I back my cars 100% and have made a good name for myself in the hobby over the last 21 years. Buy with confidence

Seller Accepts: PayPal

Payment/Shipping Policy: All items will be carefully packaged and shipped in a box. TWAP

Seller: colemanpowell
Price: $3000.00
Shipping: $0.00
Location: Taylorsville, UT
Date Listed: 05/21/2019
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