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12 new REDLINE Medium Bushing style Wheels

Description: YOU GET 12!!! I GUARANTEE THESE WHEELS ARE MADE WITH SAME MATERIAL AS ORIGINALS, SAME LOOK AND "FEEL", IDENTICAL REDLINE STRIPE, AND FABULOUS CHROME! CHECK OUT THE CONSISTENCY OF THE WHEELS AND PLACEMENT OF THE REDLINE AND CHROME....COMPARE TO ANY OTHER REPROS...AND COME HERE TO BUY THE BEST. THESE WHEELS ARE SUPER CLEAN, 100% CHROME COVERAGE AND WON’T BE DUSTY! Sales price + postage brings these to your door at just a few cents over $1 / wheel ! TEXAS SALES TAX WILL APPLY TO RESIDENTS OF TEXAS! Buyers outside the USA shall pay for actual shipping charges that they choose and for PayPal money conversion charges if they use that service. (It usually is about 75 cents) 12 Brand new Repro Redlines with the brightest chrome and best color matched Redline stripe made! This is three complete sets of replacement wheels for those cars that have nice paint but worn out wheels! Upgrade that appearance immediately! Check out the super enlargement of one of my wheels on a blue ElDorado! These wheels fit the early Redlines from 1968 to 1970 with the Hub/Bearing style wheels. You simply pull off the old one and push on the new one! I recommend using one of the wheel/axle tuneup wrenches or a knife blade when pushing the new wheel on. These wheels fit the hubs tightly and when pushing you need to back up the hub to prevent damage to the axle. See my pictures replacing a front wheel on the Orange Camaro. I do not offer the skinny front wheels or cap style wheels either yet. Please contact me for questions and if you want more than these three sets after winning, just email me. Sales Tax if you live in TEXAS will apply. NOTE.......PAYPAL paid with Credit Card not accepted.

Seller Accepts: PayPal, Money Order

Payment/Shipping Policy: I WILL ship to foreign countries but NOT for $3.01 as in the USA. Shipping will be actual cost. I just "reduced" my shipping costs to try to counteract the USPS incredible hike in postal rates.

Seller: iamredliner
Price: $9.99
First Item Shipping: $3.01
Additional Shipping: $0.25
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Date Listed: 09/01/2019
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