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Custom Eldorado instant rainbow 24 US colors

Description: 24 US Custom Eldorado rainbow. 1.Orange brown into.c8 no toning.mostly nicks to roof. 2.Honey gold white into.deep unusual shade with very orangy appearance.c8+ no toning. 3.light platinum gold tan interior.cracked passenger post.redone top.no toning. 4.Yellow/true yellow.no toning wear to black front edge.dent to passenger rear wheel well. 5.Antifreeze brown interior.nm hood a shade off. 6.Lime white interior.no toning wear to black roof. 7.Apple Lt green white int.no toning wear to black roof 8.Olive green tan interior.spotty toning nm 9.Olive gold white int.one hood pin missing.playwear. 10.Copper brown int.no toning chip on front of hood. 11.Brown white int.hood falls on one side.c8 12.Chocolate brown white int.awesome color with some light wear. 13.Dark Blue brown int.hood glued on,don't remember if both pins are broke.bit of a filler.nice dark blue shade. 14.Windex white int. Very bright paint.some light wear.no toning. 15.Pale light blue white int.toning that's hard to see 16.light Blue white int.filler with mismatched hood...never got that true ice blue... 17.Aqua tan interior.toning that blends well.some small nicks. 18.Green white int.no toning c8 19.light purple white int.scattered pin nicks.c7? 20.Magenta white int. Nice deep color had stickers that left 2 spots on driver rear quarter And passenger rear quarter. 21.Red white int.nice bright red.hood shade off and passenger rear wheel sprung. 22.Rose white int.beautiful no toning.probably the only I don't want to sell c9 23.Creamy pink brown int. Dark hood playwear. 24.Hot Pink! White int. Some light toning.hood almost matches.light playwear. Shipping US only unless arrangements are made. More pics available on request as they all couldn't be posted.

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Payment/Shipping Policy: Paypal

Seller: hwheels2
Price: $1500.00
Shipping: $5.00
Location: cortland,ny 13045, NY
Date Listed: 09/21/2019
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