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hot wheels convention staff, bingo & poker cars ENDING NOW thru monday

Description: i have 470+ of these type of cars that im ready to let go of by end of this sunday & monday (RIGHT NOW) on the bidding place with seller ( kedabudder ). if possible. get 3, 15, 100, or all of them. if interested then contact me............you have always wanted these so go for them now. if you want to buy all dont contact me inless you have the big cash or they go 1 by 1

Seller Accepts: PayPal

Payment/Shipping Policy: payment is due upon purchase. 1st class priorty shipping for international. parcel post with delivery confirmation for within the usa.

Seller: jhhotwheel1
Price: $20000.00
Shipping: $6.00
Location: maiden, NC
Date Listed: 05/17/2020
Will Ship:

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