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36 Ct Box of Mustangs

Description: Description: I am selling off a very large collection of Mustangs and Fords for the widow of a friend and veteran. When she down sized and moved to a smaller home, some of the packages were damaged. Most are in very good condition. Some cards are international from Korea and Japan. If you have questions, please send me a message. Any boxes sold over Memorial Day weekend will have a nice surprise Mustang not included in the photos. This is for G box. Think about how much you save buying in bulk, just 10 cars in the single form at $5 a car and $5 shipping is $100,

Seller Accepts: PayPal, Money Order, Checks.

Payment/Shipping Policy: Shipping will be USPS to the US. I will ship outside the US for exact shipping. I am flexible and if you want items shipped differently I’ll work with you. I can except most payments, if you want to pay by check, it will need to clear before I ship. Questions? Ask. I’m not rude or don’t bite.

Seller: patt1289
Price: $100.00
Shipping: $10.00
Location: Jacksonville, LRAFB, AR
Date Listed: 05/23/2020
Will Ship to:    

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