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Tom Daniel King Chopper II WOW!! MISB!

Description: Tom Daniel’s King Chopper 2! Just Released! New in Sealed Box. This is the first issue of this rare kit since 1969! King Chopper II Three-Wheel Show Trike: Bikes are big, and this Tom Daniel design is the biggest and wildest ever seen! Daniel built the King Chopper around a cut down Harley-Davidson 74 because of its big displacement, big horsepower, and big torque. Using a neat, low-slung frame to hang the engine, he used two small-diameter wide Indy ovals on the rear with a chain drive to harness all that power. Front spoked wheel with full-width racing drums is set at an extreme rake. The pleated saddle seat with high-back is a work of art and topped with a 'sissy bar' that serves as a perch for Tom's pet mean and ugly California Condor. Big 1/8 scale model is over 15 inches long and nearly 13 inches tall. It's a BIG-BIG model that's bound to be a BIG-BIG hit with the biker crowd. A powerful package in far out psychedelic colors will move this kit with all the speed of the real King Chopper! 1/8 Scale. Molded in Metallic Purple, 2 huge sprues of chrome parts, clear sprue, red and clear tubing and big rubber tires for the back and front. Includes decal sheet with 2 options for back of seat. Shipped via USPS Priority Mail. * I only ship within the Continental United States. Foreign Buyers are welcome, but you MUST have a Continental United States shipping hub.

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Seller: frawg
Price: $54.99
Shipping: $11.49
Location: Macomb, MI
Date Listed: 06/30/2020
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