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"BEACH BOMB" Redline replica Very convincing duplicate! ROOT BEER

Description: The rear-loading "Beach Bomb" Easily the rarest, most popular Hot Wheel! The side-loading B.B. is one that many collectors may have a few of... Very few own the rear-loader because of scarcity and the discouraging price! Thousands of dollars! Here's a chance to add a jewel to your collection! Most finish for $200-300 on Fleabay! One of seven I am selling I reward instant payers Thanks

Seller Accepts: PayPal, Money Order

Payment/Shipping Policy: Shipped fast/well packed/with tracking number...If you want to take three days to pay, I will take three days to ship... If you DO pay immediately, I will include a special gift with your purchase (worth $4-$6) You will like it! PAY FAST! SHIP FAST !! My motto!

Seller: wooleyworm
Price: $50.00
Shipping: $9.50
Location: kansas city, MO
Date Listed: 03/15/2021
Will Ship to: