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XYTHOS Red Box OF 36 2MM Pinfire Blanks / Ammo - AUSTRIA XYT4U2

Description: Xythos Red Box of 36 2mm Pinfire blanks from Andres and Dworsky of Austria. The red box top is marked "XYTHOS", the red box bottom is marked "AUSTRIA ADK 3822", and the original round white sticker seal is still on the box. We recently acquired some of this old store stock, tested a box, and our Xythos Automatic revolver fired all of the 36 2mm pinfire blanks successfully, but because of age, we cannot guarantee the same results in all the other boxes (there may be a dud or two). Check our other TTP ads for Xythos Automatic six shot double action revolvers and Berloque single sot pistols.

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Payment/Shipping Policy: Shipping is $6.50 Priority Mail only. Multi buys wait for invoice for actual cost. I accept PayPal. Payment is due in 5 days.

Seller: cobravettenut
Price: $34.50
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Location: Salem, OR
Date Listed: 04/25/2021
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