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5 Loose Matchbox 90's Weasel, Abrams, Sherman Tanks & Fighting Vehicle

Description: This listing its for 5 loose Matchbox: Qty. 1 - Matchbox 1973 Weasel Military Tank MB70 (Tan/Brown) Qty. 1 - Matchbook 1973 Weasel Military Tank (Green/Brown) Qty. 1 - Matchbox 1994 Abrams Main Battle Tank 1:113 (M1 Tank) Qty. 1 - Matchbox 1998 M4 Sherman Tank Qty. 1 - Matchbox 1997 Bradley M2 Fighting Vehicle 1:98 The Weasel Military Tank MB70 (Tan/Brown) does have paint chips/nicks from use. There is also wear on the wheels. The Weasel Military Tank (Green/Brown) does have paint chips/nicks from us, mostly around the edges. There is also wear on the wheels. The Abrams Main Battle Tank does have paint chips from use on all sides of the tank. The M4 Sherman Tank does have a very noticeable nick/paint chip on the top and a little ding in the plastic under the star. The Bradley M2 appears to have no dings, dents, nor chips. See photos for item's condition and feel free to contact if you have any questions or would like additional photos.

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Payment/Shipping Policy: US Continental Shipping Only. USPS First Class Mail. Will ship within 3 business days of cleared payment.

Seller: kjaguar
Price: $39.00
Shipping: $0.00
Location: Newnan, GA
Date Listed: 05/02/2021
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