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Two rare GT40s.

Description: I am putting together a complete collection of all the Hot Wheels GT40s. I have a “Loose” and “Mint on Card” copy of every car issued except two. (The casting’s first edition was in 1999.) 2014 GT40 Track Star with High Speed Wheels 2006 GT40 Easter Eggsclusive. I am having trouble confirming that the Easter Eggsclusive even exists. It’s listed on multiple hot wheels sites (south Texas diecast and the wiki fan page, for example). But I have yet to find photos of the packaging, and only the same photo of the loose copy on both pages. The only difference between the Eggsclusive car and the other redline issued that year was the wheels: the Eggsclusive car didn’t have redline wheels. Any help whatsoever on this will be greatly appreciated. As for the Track Star with High Speed Wheels: as I understand it, this car was released almost exclusively in Mexico. I have seen very few photos of this car, but I know it’s out there. There are review videos and pictures of the packaging. Because these cars are rare, I am willing to pay a premium to get them. (If you’re interested, see the Imgur link below for more detailed photos of the whole collection. https://imgur.com/a/KO9pYoW )

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Seller: snollygoster86
Date Listed: 10/07/2021
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