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2006 $100.00 Star Dollars and it is 44 of these Star Dollars Total

Description: Hello, Up for your considerations is 44 $100.00 Dollar bill Star Dollars. These Star Dollars are Uncirculated and are very near mint as it gets. I can only post 5 picture but however it is a total of 8 photos of these Bills. Shipping will be Free to the lower 48 United States and all other areas are responsible for the cost to your Region or Country. Here is the List of these Serials numbers: 2006-HB02563055* 2006-HB02563056* 2006-HB02563057* 2006-HB02563060* 2006-HB02563061* 2006-HB02563062* 2006-HB02563063* 2006-HB02563065* 2006-HB02563066* 2006-HB02563067* 2006-HB02563068* 2006-HB02563069* 2006-HB02563070* 2006-HB02563072* 2006-HB02563073* 2006-HB02563075* 2006-HB02563098* 2006-HB02563316* 2006-HB02563317* 2006-HB02563318* 2006-HB02563319* 2006-HB02563320* 2006-HB02563321* 2006-HB02563323* 2006-HB02563324* 2006-HB02563327* 2006-HB02563330* 2006-HB02563331* 2006-HB02563334* 2006-HB02563338* 2006-HB02563339* 2006-HB02563344* 2006-HB02563346* 2006-HB02563347* 2006-HB02563348* 2006-HB02563350* 2006-HB02563352* 2006-HB02563353* 2006-HB02563358* 2006-HB02563359* 2006-HB02563363* 2006-HB02563364* 2006-HB02563366* 2006-HB02563367*

Seller Accepts: PayPal

Payment/Shipping Policy: The listed shipping cost is for the lower 48 United States, any areas outside of the listed areas requires additional postage expedition, so please contact me prior to purchasing to avoid shipping cost issues. Your paypal payment is due instantly after clicking the buy it now button. Thank You, TTGTG.

Seller: thesetoysgottogo
Price: $5550.00
Shipping: $12.80
Location: Dearborn, MI
Date Listed: 10/31/2021
Will Ship:

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