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Ultra RARE 57 chevy resin

Description: I collect 57 chevys and bought this years ago from a fellow selling high end cars in Hawthorne CA, Story is that he was a child of one of the employees or designers and got a lot of cars through his childhood from his father. This is a resin 57 chevy not sure of year but this was used to check the tampo machine or set up the tampo machine. This has been in my case for years and I will dig it out for interested parties for other photos as it does have a chip broken underneath it (where one of the axles would go if it was a real car) totally not noticeable through display. Will consider a partial trade for a Blommingdales 57 chevy (loose) as that is the last one I need for the collection. Cheques or money order only and subject to clearing the shipping and insurance is on me Thanks for looking Dan

Seller Accepts: PayPal, Money Order

Payment/Shipping Policy:

Seller: danz32tt
Price: $1500.00
Shipping: $6.00
Location: Surrey, BC
Date Listed: 09/08/2014
Will Ship:

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