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Greenlight, (22)
Hot Wheels 78-Present, Blister Packs Series Cars 1996-Present (40)
Hot Wheels 78-Present, Blister Packs Mainline Cars 1996-Present (4)
Hot Wheels 78-Present, Limited Edition/Promotional (3)
Hot Wheels 78-Present, Treasure Hunts (4)
Hot Wheels 78-Present, Sets and Accessories (12)
Hot Wheels 78-Present, Redline Club Cars (1)
Hot Wheels 78-Present, Real Riders 1996 - Present (34)
Matchbox, Mattel era 1998- Present (5)
NASCAR, Other (1)
Johnny Lightning, White Lightning, Lightning Strikes (1)
Johnny Lightning, Promotional and Exclusives (16)
Johnny Lightning, Other Series (6)
Other Diecast Vehicles, Corgi (1)
Other Diecast Vehicles, Jada (4)
Other Diecast Vehicles, Maisto (4)
Other Diecast Vehicles, Other Cars and Trucks (12)
Other Diecast Vehicles, Disney - Pixar (1)
Other Diecast Vehicles, M2 Machines (19)